Buidagallerie / Pix


Yodeling into the Farmington river Valley and basking in the glow of a perfect fall sunset,
 after the '06 Heublein Tower Fundraiser.  Photographer:  Tom Stay 


Partying with The Donald at Trump Tower
2006 Steuben Parade


Ron auditions a (better looking) replacement for Freddie after the
2003 Steuben Parade...none other than the Plattdeutsche Queen!


Entertaining and hobnobbing with Promis in New York's Central Park
after the 2003 Steuben Parade
Photographer:  Charles Ruppmann


We are invited to join Die Schlauberger, the original
American alpine rockers, for a number at New Milford.


Look!  There are two new music playing gargoyles at Heublein Tower!


At Harford Sngerbund Bierfest...while D' Schlawiner get ready to take the stage. 
Connie and Benno join in on vocals.
Photographer:  John Frank



The people we love, and some of our biggest fans (after we promised to buy the next round!).


Weihnachtsfun at the Donau!


Harmonizing at Donau Club with yodeling aficionado Albert.  
Photographer:  Lynne Alyson


At S�ngerbund Kristkindlmarkt 2001 
Photographer:  Dave Tamarkin



Belting out the Anton Rap at the Donau Club! 

Photographer:  Lynne Alyson


Yep.  That's what we are!  
Entertaining at the dedication of Germany in New England Exhibit, 
an exhibit celebrating our close cultural and business ties.



With the honorable Senator "Doc" Gunther, S
Folkdancers, and fans at Connecticut State Capitol.



With Max...drinking a Spaten at State Capitol(!) under the watchful 
eyes of armed Connecticut State Police!


Sitting in with Joe Rogers' Frankenmusikanten at Liederkranz Baurenball.



Satisfied Scha-Musi listeners!

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