Aufg'spuit wiada! 


Unsera Musi is handg'quetscht unda g'zupft!  Although we'd prefer to play in "den Schachtelgebirger Alpen" (woasa gibt a beßres Echo), the Schachtelgebirger Musikanten are available for hyour ethnic entertainment pleasure in the Connecticut, USA area (or just about anywhere else if you're covering the airfare, room and board), no electricity required (må spuin Musi ohna Strom!)...Scha-Musi is Blackout Safe!....we actually like playing by candlelight, but not without Yodelsaft.  Hint:


You vill enchoi ze Scha-Musi, or elz!

Playing for your:

Parties, Pretzeldough Risings, Weissbierschaum Shrinkings, Document shreddings, Bowlingteam Picnics, Body piercings, Maypole raisings, Oil changes, Beergardens Weedings, Root canals, Kristkindlmarkts, Cat medications, Government Overthrowings,  Swimming pool Emptyings, Bar-Mitzvahs Plannings, Brewery/Cheesefactory Openings, Old country Sing-alongs, New country Foundings, Aquarium Fillings, Baptisms, Bauernmalerei Lessons, Car Waxings, Garden Seedings, Gutter and Downspout  Cleanings, Battleship and U-Boot Christenings, and now, German-American Exhibit Dedications, Heimatabend Singalongs, etc... just about any event! 

If you can't make it to München for the Oktoberfest this year, invite us, and the Alpenland Tänzer, and experience the next best thing! 

You supply the Yodelsaft (see above!), cheese would be nice too, we'll supply the Gaudi...(singing along, dancing, and spontaneous Schuhplattling will be allowed - actually encouraged!), Juhee! 

Contact us at:  


Instruments and Equipment:

Freddie Plays:  A Strasser “3 Row” Alpenblumen Professional model Buttonbox, with one step less than the maximum Tremolo, in the keys of CG&F. 

Ron Plays:  An acoustic Takamine G-Series six string guitar with a piezo-electric pick-up and usually strung with Martin medium gauge (0.012”) strings...or:  A vintage double neck acoustic 15 string Kontra-Bassgitarre made about 1930 in Bavaria. 

Our Audio Equipment:  A 200W Fender Passport amp with built-in six channel mixer, Shure UT14 UHF cordless input systems for both voice and instruments, and a Guest Microphone with 50ft. of cable. 

Our Performance:  We are not tied to a stage!  Radio Transmitters for both voices and instruments allow us total freedom to roam as far as 100ft away from the stage and our amplifying equipment to mingle with guests.  Our amplification is sufficient to cover a medium sized hall or small tent with up to 300 guests.  No two performances are ever alike, and none of our material is electronically generated or prerecorded.  We play, sing and yodel classic to modern German Volks and Volkstümliche music, and always adjust our material to the event and audience, so non-German speakers will be entertained also.  Our cordless transmitters let us bring the show right to just about anyone at an event.  We typically circulate and ask for musical suggestions, or we might serenade a guest at their table with a yodeler, “Ein Prosit”, or a birthday wish.  We might even bring the Blue Guest Microphone to a guest, so that they can join us and sing along...we’ll even supply the songtext, because we encourage audience participation! 

Guest musical performers available (as recorded on our CD , by special arrangement):

                Erika Meier on vocals (performing Birnbaum and various other songs and yodelers),

                Maria Meier on vocals (performing Edelweiss and National Anthems),

                Nick Kwas on violin (acoustic or electric), (performing classical, traditional and/or fiddle).

Power Requirement:  A single 110VAC outlet is sufficient to supply all of our electrical needs. 

Weather Protection:  We like to play outside when temperatures are moderate, but our equipment, and our instruments need to be protected from possible bad weather. 


Schachtelgebirger Musikanten Performance Schedule:   Please contact venue or us to verify dates and times. 

Please contact us if you would like us to add some unique, live entertainment to your event!  Please note:  The fall schedule gets quite busy, so if you would like us to be a part of your event, please book early to avoid disappointment! 

2021 Schedule

19-Aug-21 Village Gate, Farmington, CT  
25-Sep-21 Alvarium, New Britain, CT 2:00-6:00 p.m.
21-Oct-21 Flowtoberfest  
28-Oct-21 Duncaster Oktoberfest  
24-Oct-21 Austrian Donau Club Biergarten 1:00 p.m.
05-Dec-21 Arbeiter Maennerchor, West Haven, CT  
12-Dec-21 Original Enzian, Plattdeutscher Park, NY  

See where we played last year


Small Print: 
Über Auftritt Risiken und Nebenwirkungen informieren Sie bitte den Webmoasta oder den Veranstalter. / 
Regarding performance risks and contraindications, please contact the Webmaster or the event coordinator. 
Scha-Musi should be taken internally, but only by way of the ears.  Close cover before striking.  Your results may vary.  Blah, blah, blah...